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Platform Overview

01 Platform Overview

Trade your way with the Converge-Digital platform.

Whether it is through a direct IO, a global Trading Desk or buying inventory via Converge Select, trade in a way that works for you and your brand.

Access contextually segmented inventory at scale across display, video, native and rich media channels. Work with the team at Converge-Digital and tap into one of the many “Always Live” private marketplaces or build and target your own custom one.

Activate 1st party data of consenting users to reach your own customers with specific brand messages.

Core Features

Core Features

Trade Your Way

Buy programmatically using your DSP. Use Converge Select to access guaranteed inventory at scale. Book a direct IO. Trade in a way that works for you and your organisation.

Private Market Place

Gain access to our inventory through private deals. We build custom PMPs to suit your exact needs or use our ‘Always Live’ or Evergreen PMPs to dip in and out when your campaigns dictate

Premium Inventory

We provide buyers with access to brand safe, fraud free, premium inventory. Full transparency is a given so only serve ads where you want to.

Service and Support

Work with the account management and operations teams at Converge-Digital to ensure your campaigns constantly exceed expectations and deliver ROI growth for advertiser

Other Features

Other Features

Trade your way and deliver on target messages, to your audience at scale, through the Converge-Digital exchange.

Context At Scale

Access context and content at scale across the Converge-Digital exchange. Target “Always Live” PMPs to ensure your ads are being delivered in the correct environment.

Cross-Channel Targeting

Target users across display and video digital channels to increase the effectiveness of your brand’s message.


Whether through a direct IO, a trading desk or Converge Guaranteed, all buyers compete equally within the Converge-Digital auction. No biasing existing beyond how much you are willing to bid.

Programmatic Rich Media

Buy high impact skins, native units at scale, expandable billboards, IAB rising stars and many more high impact ad formats through the Converge-Digital exchange

Tailored Dashboard and Reporting

Customise your own reporting dashboard using the Converge-Digital platform. Quickly visualise data through our intuitive user interface or share reporting with colleagues and clients.

1st Party Data Activation

Utilise Converge-Digital’s 1st party data activation to target consenting users with custom messages. Our private DMP functionality ensures no data leakage in or out in a fully GDPR compliant manner.

Inventory Formats

Inventory Formats

Buyer Portal

  • IAB Standard and Large Units 300×250 | 160×600 | 728×90 | 970×250 | 300×600
  • Cross channel, cross device opportunities Desktop | Mobile Web | Mobile App
  • Programmatic Native
  • Programmatic Rich Media

  • Broadcaster VOD
  • Pre-roll inventory | Professionally Produced Content | Premium Environments
  • Click-to-Play Video | User Initiated | 100% Viewable
  • Outstream Video Units | Context Targeting at Scale.