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    Learn how we develop tailored solutions for ADROLL, The worlds largest Ad Platform.



    Converge-Digital enables Publishers to access, manage and maintain all real-time demand sources across display, mobile, and video inventory within a single point of integration.


    Centralised demand

    direct IO and programmatic adserving, inventory and demand management, monetisation, data

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    Holistic system no longer separates the adserver and SSP allowing competition between programmatic and traditional campaigns. Our Solutions for Buyers include;

    Transparent, controlled environment that allows you to deliver quality at scale. Serve on the most trusted, premium publishers in the market in our walled garden.


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    Converge has direct, close relationships with all premium publishers, Key-value targeting is essential to our publishers to ensure that your ad is never served on an inappropriate page.

    Our platform provides a service to those who wish to combine both direct sold and programmatic demand into a holistic auction, automating the process of serving campaigns between typically segregated sales channels. Working closely with out partners we ensure targets are consistently exceeded.

    • Priority Bidding “First Look”
    • Deal ID & Programmatic Packages
    • Guaranteed Impression Volumes
    • Category / Contextual Targeting
    • High performance deals
    • Domain & Page Level Transparency
    • Dedicated Account Manager to ensure your PMP campaigns are delivering
    The Results

    04 The Results



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    Sinead Andrews
    Sales Director, Adroll

    “Demand Partners can be assured of Premium Quality inventory, Omni-Channel buying Opportunities & Data Integration, all combining to deliver the best ROI for their Campaigns.”