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    March 22, 2018 by converge-digital

    Programmatic Made Easy

    We all want things to be easy, right? Once upon a time we walked into a travel agency, told them the type of holiday we wanted and when we wanted to travel. The travel agent would make some calls and present us with an offer. If we didn’t like the offer we repeated this process until we found the right fit. At that stage, the travel agent would post us the airline tickets and hotel voucher. We’d then take said tickets to the airport, an attendant would tear away the stub and we were on our way. What a pain that was!

    Thankfully we can now avoid all that. We simply tell a machine where we want to go and for how long. With a few clicks and a credit card we get a shiny picture on our phones which the airport attendant can scan and away we go.

    Programmatic media trading was built to make life easy for us. As buyers, we’d save ourselves the trek to the travel agency and just push the necessary buttons on the machine. For publishers, trading was to be more efficient, giving us more time to sell, to answer briefs, to be creative with pitch’s. But all of a sudden, we needed an SSP. Then we needed a second SSP. Then we needed a third, fourth, fifth and more. All the while we diminished our CPMs. As we lost track of our sell side relationships we introduced video content and needed both a video adserver and yet another SSP. We debated between VAST2.0 and VAST3.0 before VPAID became a thing. Our audience went mobile and we needed mobile adtech solutions. Did somebody say audience? Get me a DMP. Find me some outstream video formats. Some Interscrollers. Skins. Has anyone checked the page load time? Dynamic allocation meant nothing but it also meant everything and soon meant header bidding entered the common tongue. This was built to make life easy, right?

    A single impression is many things to many buyers. It is a URL. It is context. The user has an age and gender. The user has an interest and intent. The publisher ideal is for every impression to be maximised from a revenue perspective. Sell to the site buyer. Sell to the context buyer. Sell to the demographic buyer. Sell to the interest buyer. Make it fair and transparent. Let buyers decide which holiday destination they want to visit and how much they want to pay. You don’t need a fleet of technology to achieve this, only a single platform which can give buyers access and that will unify demand. That platform is CONVERGE-DIGITAL. Our slogan is ‘Programmatic made easy’ because that’s exactly what it does.