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    January 22, 2018 by converge-digital

    A year in Adtech: What I’ve learnt

    A year in AdTech: what I’ve learnt


    Coming from a background of supporting Google’s DSP, AdWords, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the corporate giant was only a small piece of the Display and Video Lumascape. Starting my employment at converge-digital entailed a steep learning curve as trying to understand the deluge of TLA’s (Three Letter Acronyms), renowned in the AdTech world, became my first challenge. SSP (Supply or Sell Side Platform) was one of the first to decipher.


    I had tried to compare the function of the SSP with what I had already known from my previous experience, like the AdSense platform. In hindsight this was a naïve view of what an SSP was as there was much more involved in order to make the buying and selling of online advertisement work. For starters, on the publisher side, there are different factors that would need to be catered for. Things like the Ad Server they use, layout of the site/app, what macros to use and how the publisher wants to monetise their inventory all have to be considered when onboarding and providing Ad Ops for a client. How to build revenue for our publishers also becomes a refreshing part of the job; building demand sources that compete in a holistic auction by Direct, Open RTB or Private Market Place Deals.


    AdTech is essentially facilitating the real time online transactions of Ads and adding a user experience to it. Unfortunately, in recent news, the defamation of this experience with AdTech companies who have been exposed for their dishonest pricing whilst Ad trading has left the Advertisers with less trust in programmatic. I believe this has led to the emergence of Programmatic guaranteed, much like the early days of Ad buying / Selling, which is a lot like a Spot buy using a publishers Ad network to serve the campaign. It essentially cuts out the middle man but doesn’t provide a direct response to the campaign at such small scale; the control is given up to the publisher, which is perfect for Brand Campaigns.


    One solution to bring back the trust in programmatic is through absolute transparency. It is not unreasonable to expect used AdTech to take a cut of the CPM in exchange for a service. To me, this means building back the trust in programmatic buying from Advertisers, giving back the scale and reach across these channels for their campaigns. It also means that the percentage taken off is linked with the service provided, encouraging improvements and better processes.


    Ad tech is always evolving and with it the experience linked to the Buying and selling of Ads. I have learned that this progress is the back bone of how the online advertising industry thrives and how The Advertiser and Publisher get more value for money.


    — Dave Brown