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    About Us

    Programmatic Made Easy

    Our Mission and Vision

    Our mission

    A single impression is many things to many buyers. It is a URL. It is context. The user has an age and gender. The user has an interest and intent. The publisher ideal is for every impression to be maximised from a revenue perspective. Sell to the site buyer. Sell to the context buyer. Sell to the demographic buyer. Sell to the interest buyer. Make it fair and transparent. Let buyers decide which holiday destination they want to visit and how much they want to pay. You don’t need a fleet of technology to achieve this you need a single platform which can give buyers access and that will unify demand. That platform is CONVERGE-DIGITAL. Our slogan is ‘Programmatic made easy’ because that’s exactly what it does.

    Our Vision

    To build a perfect marketplace where every impression is traded efficiently and fairly in a fully transparent environment that gives the control back to buyers and sellers.







    • Founded: September, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland
    • First Ad Impression Served: February, 2016
    • Platform Beta Launch: September, 2016
    • Video Solution Introduced March, 2017
    • Converge Select January, 2018
    • New Programmatic Formats: Coming very soon!

    Our Approach

    Our Team

    Our Team

    At Converge-Digital the team is just as important as the technology. We love working with all our partners and delivering great solutions for their business.

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