Converge Adserver

CONVERGE-DIGITAL has built a Market-leading Omni-channel Adserver which can power your Advertising Business including Direct and Programmatic Campaigns across all formats and screens.

Omni channel
  • video, display, mobile
  • app, audio, native (2017)
User friendly interface Robust reporting
  • Personalised reporting interface
  • Fully customisable
Customisable optimzation logic
Ease of demand integration
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Converge Programmatic

Access premium global demand through CONVERGE Programmatic. Trade via Open Auction or through Private Market Places with leading DSPs and Trading Desks. Leverage data and real time insights to identify new revenue streams and achieve higher CPMs and fill rates.

Multi Screen, multi format All deal types
  • open auction
  • private deals
  • programmatic direct
Granular RTB controls
  • buyer exclusion
  • advertiser management
Holistic demand management
  • custom auction logic
  • allow all demand to compete in single auction
International market access

Inventory Manager
Converge Inventory Manager

CONVERGE-DIGITAL Inventory Manager provides a platform for Trading Teams to consolidate all their digital supply partners across all buy-types and formats. With the benefit of greater transparency and control that this brings, the programmatic features of the platform can then maximise the value of every traded impression and drive campaign performance.

Cross Publisher Campaign and Audience Management
Full transparency and control
  • Curated inventory
Greater efficiencies
  • Single Tag Campaigns
  • Reduced Ad Tech Fees
  • Reduced HR
Fully Programmatic
  • Deal ID functionality
  • Open RTB

Enterprise Solution
Converge Enterprise

Leverage the power of the Converge platform and take its customisable UI and business rules and shape it to match your requirements and market demands.

Turn Key Programmatic Adserver
Full Access to all Platform Features
  • Converge Adserver, Programmatic, Inventory Management
  • Data feed
  • API
Whitelabelling opportunity
Full Training and Support