converge digital about Founded in 2015, CONVERGE-DIGITAL brings a publisher focused approach to the programmatic marketplace. With many years’ experience representing and working with publishers we have seen all of the challenges that come with efficiently managing and monetising a publisher’s yield. We have built the omni-channel CONVERGE-DIGITAL Platform to take on these challenges and to help publishers define, build and grow their programmatic strategy in the ever evolving digital media landscape.


Industry fragmentation presents the biggest conundrum facing publishers today. This fragmentation leads to impression loss, reporting discrepancies and an inefficient analysis and use of data. At CONVERGE-DIGITAL we solve this conundrum by centralising all of the publisher’s inventory and demand sources onto a single platform, resulting in a single programmatic strategy, a single auction, a single data set, a single report.


Demand Partners can be assured of Premium Quality inventory, Omni-Channel buying Opportunities & Data Integration, all combining to deliver the best ROI for their Campaigns.